Ambroży Rybicki Is Providing Game-Changing Cloud Solutions to Startups

His company’s dedicated team could be the key taking your startup’s software to the next level.

Ambroży Rybicki

Name: Ambroży Rybicki

Company: ARP Ideas

ARP Ideas logo

What product or service do you offer that benefits startups?

At ARP Ideas, we have built a highly-qualified team of certified IT consultants, developers, and technology enthusiasts that specialise in building and integrating business applications as well as implementing and configuring Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft SharePoint and the use of the Azure platform. 

For startups, our well implemented cloud solutions are a game changer. We understand that startups are looking for cost-effective and scalable solutions that will meet their challenges and progress in the future which is why ARP Ideas offers flexible options and teams that can be adapted to changing requirements. As well as sharing our knowledge and supporting client teams, we can build our own bespoke teams and provide ready-to-use components to facilitate implementation for startups.

In addition to dedicated solutions built for specific startup needs, we offer implementation of Power Platform, Teams and Microsoft 365 to improve business operations for all company sizes.

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With these solutions, ARP Ideas supports startups in improving their business operations, driving forward efficiencies and boosting growth. As leaders in digital transformation, we support startups by not just consulting, but acting as a reliable technical partner who oversees the entire implementation process for Microsoft solutions with the aim of ushering in true digital transformation for our clients. 

For startups eager to drive new revenue opportunities, reduce costs, deliver more value to customers, and compete with larger competitors, ARP Ideas’ services are critical. 

What is one of your company’s most impressive accomplishments? 

One of our greatest accomplishments, which we’re most proud of at ARP Ideas, is our founding story and who we are today. We were once at a startup ourselves, with the idea for the company sparked by three friends full of energy and determination to start our own business and a vision to one day support others in daily challenges with dedicated IT teams that can implement world-class IT solutions. 

In true startup style, we had to be very savvy and creative at the start, and we worked with what we had. We borrowed a small room from the wife of one of our co-founders to begin planning our strategy, attracting business and servicing clients by ourselves all from this one small room. 

We witnessed considerable growth, and were then able to rent our own office space in Poznań Science and Technology Park, a business hub for startups like ourselves. Today, after much hard work and unwavering determination, ARP Ideas has hired over 50 people, been awarded with the Forbes Diamond award as a result of our impressive growth, and now provides services internationally for the world’s most respected brands. This is our story – and we’re extremely proud.

What makes you uniquely positioned to support startups?

Each startup has its own different business priorities, whether that’s enhancing customer support, reducing costs, improving productivity or providing more data-driven sales insights. 

For startups looking to succeed in digital transformation, there’s no one size fits all approach. And it’s not just about the ability to implement modern technologies in your organisation – it’s about having the right strategy and team behind it. 

ARP Ideas understands this, which is why we provide bespoke IT solutions based on individual business objectives. We help startups become more agile, efficient and competitive by providing the right solutions to fit their organisations’ needs.

What has been your biggest success story working with a startup?

Cooperation with startups is always very interesting. Startups are full of enthusiasm and looking for creative solutions which are interesting to build and implement. They are always keen to use the latest technology and have an innovative spirit, like ourselves. 

A great success story was our work building a singing learning platform for one of our clients, The Inside Voice, who specialises in online and offline singing lessons. They were looking for the right team to build them a scalable platform to fit their business priorities and this is where we stepped in helping with the architecture and component design for this. Then once our concept was ready, the client was easily able to provide the funding needed to commence the project. 

The result was incredible. The core of this system was a powerful portal embedded in Azure and supported by Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. With this, the client’s services were transformed, and we built a platform which supported their needs to schedule lessons, filter preferences, upload videos of pre recorded lessons, attract more students, and integrate marketing modules to create forms and consumer journeys with email notifications. The entire project was cloud-based and extremely scalable to their business needs.

What’s the best specific piece of advice you have for entrepreneurs?

My advice is to always remember how important employees are. Committed and trustworthy employees who form a cohesive team build a company no matter what it does. 

How can people get in contact with you if they’d like to work with you?

Get in touch with our team of experts, via the form on our website, by emailing ARP Ideas at [email protected], or calling +48 61 624 86 40.

Are there any coupon codes or special discounts you can offer to readers?

For readers and startups, we can offer free diagnosis and assistance in the technical design of the system. We often find that if a start-up has this complimentary assistance in the architectural design at the start, it is easier for them to obtain the funding needed to commence projects.

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