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10+ Tools We Love

Check out the tools we use for and the companies we invest in.

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Like the carefully curated toolbox in your family home, every business—including—needs a fantastic set of tools.

Our favorite tools give us everything we need to make our venture the best it can possibly be. Whether you are sketching your business blueprint or looking for a bit of a remodel, consider using one of these resources we love as the building blocks for your startup.

LucidChart enables our team to work together on creating flowcharts, diagrams, and much more, wherever we are in the world—and has team members on every continent.

The ideal freelancer marketplace for startups. The platform’s tiered vetting process keeps prices competitive while guaranteeing us that we’re hiring true professionals.

Basecamp 3
Basecamp was already a great space for teams to collaborate, but the latest version of the platform boasts an array of new features that have enabled us to coordinate our team with greatly enhanced flexibility.

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Zapier has boosted’s productivity tremendously. Its combination of app integration and workflow automation helps us run our business more efficiently, so we can focus on growth rather than micromanagement.

Tools we love but don’t use for

Upwork is superb, but it only covers the more orthodox freelancing roles. If you need something out of the box, Fiverr is the undisputed champion. Its enterprising freelancers provide almost any service you could possibly imagine.

DesignCrowd is home to over a million freelance graphic designers. Its crowdsourced model ensures that you will get the best design for the best possible price. Simply submit your brief, and designers around the world will compete for your business.

Constant Contact
Feel like you’re putting a whole lot of effort into digital marketing for marginal gains? Constant Contact’s comprehensive suite of services has the potential to deliver the results you’re craving, from email and SMS to social media.

Accounting can be a serious headache. FreshBooks is accounting software designed specifically for startups and entrepreneurs. Its intuitive interface and wide range of features streamline the whole process.

Is your email marketing becoming an unrewarding slog? If you’re considering automation, GetResponse is the way forward, enabling you to design a campaign with precision and execute it with maximum efficiency.

Domain names can be a decisive factor in your SEO game. To get the perfect one for your business, chances are you’ll have to rely on GoDaddy. If you want, it will even help you build your site.

When it comes to HR management software for your U.S.-based startup, look no further than Gusto. Its services range from payroll to employee benefits and time tracking, all on an intuitive, integrated cloud platform.

QuickBooks offers an integrated suite of services to streamline your accounting processes. It’s particularly helpful when it comes to the sometimes thorny issue of taxes, with an array of features that will both ensure you’re compliant and guarantee you don’t miss out on any deductions.

As your business grows, it can become increasingly difficult to keep in touch with your team. Loom’s instantly shareable videos are a great alternative to calls, enabling you to communicate in real time and receive feedback seamlessly.

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