3 Ways to Simplify the Hiring Process

Having to hire new team members is a chore most founders don’t look forward to. Follow these guidelines to painlessly fill your vacancies.

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The need to expand your team is a positive sign as it indicates that your business is growing. It’s also an opportunity to inject fresh ideas and bring new perspectives into the fold. Still, it’s no easy feat sifting through heaps of applications, hoping to spot the ideal candidate for the job.

Of course, even after hiring, there’s always a chance the person may not be the right one for the position. You’ve invested your time and money only to end up with the wrong candidate. What if there was a hiring strategy to minimize wasted effort? Here are some guidelines that can help you find the best employees.

1. Solicit referrals

Before posting your vacancy anywhere, consider tapping into your employees’ networks to solicit referrals from them. This is a good way to save yourself time and stress. 

Employees are likely to refer only quality candidates so as to avoid embarrassment. There is also a strong chance that the referral will be a good fit since your employee knows the roles and the culture of the company. They would therefore be able to recommend someone who would likely be an excellent match.

However, to get the best referrals, you have to make sure your company is a good place to work. Your employees would then be happy to suggest candidates. You may choose to incentivize referrals, but not to the point where you sacrifice their quality because of the temptation of a bonus.

2. Tap into online job sites

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In today’s labor market, the first place job seekers go is online job sites. The most popular ones are Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor. These all have a common purpose: to bring together employers and job hunters.

Online job sites eliminate much of the guesswork involved in hiring. A company posts a listing on the site, specifying exactly what its requirements are. Using criteria such as location, experience, and salary, the site uses artificial intelligence (AI) to match employers and job seekers. Candidates can then submit their application directly to the company. Many of these job sites have built-in features that make applying for positions simple. 

If you need to hire, it would be worth considering an online job site, if for no other reason than that it will save you time. You will avoid having to interview unqualified candidates as a formality to get to the one who’s the right fit for your company.

3. Prioritize transparency

From the moment you post your vacancy to your last interview, aim to be open and transparent with your prospective candidates. Details such as providing comprehensive, accurate job descriptions and including the salary range foster good communication between hirers and applicants. Whether or not the candidate is likely to be hired, prioritize staying on topic and being upfront. It will make you more likely to choose the best candidate for the job.

By applying these suggestions to your hiring process, you will be in a good position to assemble your winning team.

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