Ayush Gupta Is Leading India’s Legal Documentation Market into the Digital Age

Will a fiercely traditional market embrace a tech-driven future?

Ayush Rajnish Gupta

Name: Ayush Rajnish Gupta

Company: eDrafter.in

eDrafter.in logo

What are you building, and who benefits most from it? 

We have built and keep improving our legal documentation portal every day. In India, there is huge demand for legal documents and stamp paper. The market is completely offline-oriented and controlled by local vendors, and a customer ends up wasting a lot of time by visiting them for the document. Therefore, we created eDrafter.in—an online portal where all of a customer’s documentation needs are solved in minutes.

What is one of your startup’s most impressive accomplishments?

We were nominated for Emerging Startup of the Year by India’s best magazine, The Entrepreneur.

What has been the biggest challenge so far, and how did you overcome it?

For us, the biggest challenge was to win people’s trust because legal documents are a very private and important matter, and processing them should be done with the utmost honesty. Also, the whole market was dominated by offline players, so we ran a lot of campaigns to spread the word about our online solution. We also worked very hard on efficiency, which later on helped us in building trust.

What tool or app could you not live without and why?

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The crucial tools for us are Gmail, Google Sheets, MS Office, and Adwords.

What marketing strategies have worked for you?

Word of mouth has worked best for us. Paid ads on Google also gave us a great boost in attracting potential customers.

What’s the best specific piece of advice you have for other entrepreneurs?

Never stop learning—the journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Save up your energy, make consistent moves, and you’ll get the medal. Also, don’t be afraid of failure because that is going to be the best teacher.

What does your company’s trajectory look like over the next five years?

We don’t believe in the concept of five years. It’s an ever-changing environment. We just plan to invest in a more efficient present and a more innovative future.

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