180+ Quantum Computing Startups You Need to Know

There’s arguably nothing as thrilling right now as playing a part in the quantum computing revolution.

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Exciting things are happening in the field of quantum computing. With its use of quantum mechanics phenomena to process information at incredibly high speed, quantum computing has the potential to far surpass the capabilities of classical computing. CBInsights reports that it can be used to solve some of the most complex problems industries face. 

This field is spawning startups developing innovative methods of handling computing issues that once seemed insurmountable. The future looks promising for these quantum computing startups with the backing of such industry giants as Merck, Toshiba, and DHL in the healthcare, cybersecurity, and logistics segments.

Check below for the ultimate list of quantum computing startups from around the globe.

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A * Quantum
A* Quantum provides software that can be used conveniently not only by researchers but also by end users to solve their own problems.

AbaQus is building a research platform to enable financial organizations to explore, experiment, and deploy quantum computing for risk management, optimization, and pricing.

Adaptive Finance Technologies
Adaptive Finance Technologies is a pioneer in quantum-enabled, Al-driven investment strategies and scalable enterprise solutions.

AegiQ provides deterministic sources of identical single photons for quantum communications, quantum computing, and imaging.

Agnostiq is an interdisciplinary team of physicists, computer scientists, and mathematicians with the shared aim of using cutting-edge technology to build practical applications.

Algorithmiq’s mission is to revolutionize life sciences by exploiting the potential of quantum computing to solve currently inaccessible problems.

Alice&Bob build powerful quantum computers to solve your hardest problems.

Aliro Quantum Entanglement as a Service (EaaS) enables 100% secure networks of today and the quantum internet of tomorrow.

Alpine Quantum Technologies
AQT realizes the first general-purpose quantum computer. Trapped-ion quantum devices pioneered and lead quantum information processing: from performance and scalability to wide-range applicability.

Anametric is developing new technologies and devices for chip scale quantum photonics, with a focus on cybersecurity.

Anyon Systems Inc.
Quantum computing is about to redefine high-performance computing. Anyon Systems Inc. is at the forefront of this technological revolution.

ApexQubit is a biotechnology company that is harnessing frontier technologies for better health for humanity.

Apply Science Quantum Division
Apply Science has a dedicated division that is currently pure research about using quantum computers to create the future of artificial intelligence, namely quantum artificial intelligence.

AQuantum deals with quantum software development and has created the first quantum software development and lifecycle application platform.

Arqit is a quantum encryption service designed to safeguard data networks against current and future types of attack, providing quantum-safe encryption key creation, distribution and management. analyzes and understands the quantum computing landscape to help you make sense of what is on offer and what QC capabilities you can expect at a certain time scale.

Aspen Quantum Consulting
Aspen Quantum Consulting focuses on practical applications that can be achieved within a reasonable time frame for venture capital.

Atlantic Quantum
The biggest challenge in quantum computing today is the lack of fault-tolerant hardware. Atlantic Quantum takes on this uniquely tough challenge with a team of deep experts in the field, anchored in Cambridge and Gothenburg to reflect its MIT and Chalmers roots.

Atom Computing
As the creator of the first quantum computer made of nuclear-spin qubits, Atom Computing is on the fastest and easiest path to scale.

Automatski is a research and equity and IP holding company.

Avanetix deals with decision-making for complex scenarios with real-time insights boosted by quantum computing and machine learning.

Avid Quantum
Avid Quantum has developed a numerical model to analyze and simulate the performance of the electrons influenced by the mutual effects of disorder and strong correlations near the quantum phase transition.

BardeenQ Labs
BardeenQ Labs’s mission is to create a coherent platform to invent, apply, and commercialize room-temperature quantum machines to power Industry 4.0.

Beit develops novel quantum algorithms and their implementations with the aim of pushing the boundary of what is possible on quantum hardware at any given time.

Bleximo is building full-stack superconducting application-specific quantum computers by co-designing algorithms and hardware to deliver the first quantum advantage for real-world problems.

Bose Quantum
Bose Quantum is China’s first domestic startup in the field of “coherent quantum computing”. It has recently completed an angel round of investment of tens of millions of yuan.

BosonQ’s software is equipped with high-accuracy CAE solvers developed from the ground up by domain experts to deliver the quantum advantage.

Boxcat is a technology team with a relentless focus on speeding up rendering times, reducing rendering costs, and expanding rendering possibilities.

BraneCell has developed a keyless, all-photonic quantum repeater that needs very little quantum memory requirement.

BTQ builds post-quantum infrastructure to enable the next generation of energy-efficient blockchain networks.

C12 Quantum Electronics
Unlike other quantum computers, C12 Quantum Electronics uses carbon nanotubes as the fundamental building block of its processor.

Cambridge Quantum Computing
Cambridge Quantum Computing builds enterprise-driven quantum computing software to solve smart problems.

Chicago Quantum
Chicago Quantum provides stock portfolio optimization based on its quantitative Chicago Quantum Net Score model and platform.

Classiq is revolutionizing the quantum computing software development process. Its platform helps you build complex quantum circuits.

CogniFrame is a hybrid machine learning company. Its solutions use classical machine learning and quantum optimization, sampling, and simulations to help institutions improve their outcomes.

ColdQuanta is a global quantum technology company solving the world’s most challenging problems.

ColibrITD aims to become the leader in quantum computing software and algorithm.

Crypta Labs
Using photons for quantum random number generation is the focus of Crypta Labs. It works with companies to upgrade their existing products to be quantum secure.

Crypto Quantique
Crypto Quantique’s easy-to-use, unbeatable, end-to-end security architecture unlocks scalability for IoT devices.

CryptoNext Security
CryptoNext Security’s mission is to deploy the next generation of cryptographic standards that will make IT resilient against quantum computers.

D-Wave Systems Inc.
D-Wave Systems Inc. focuses on helping customers achieve real value by using quantum computing for practical business applications.

Dark Star Quantum Computing Laboratories
Dark Star Quantum Lab Inc. matches industrial problems with the right quantum technology solutions, offering customers “Quantum of Advantage”, a small but meaningful business advantage in the form of revenue and project management governance by way of cost reduction, bottleneck mitigation, and simplification.

Delft Circuits
Delft Circuits is dedicated to supplying the best hardware for the quantum engineer and industry.

Diraq has established the core IP in quantum computing hardware that can be manufactured at scale using existing silicon chip manufacturing plants.

Driven Quantum Technologies
Driven Quantum Technologies is leveraging room/warm temperature quantum phenomena in the solution of myriad societal and technological problems and creating a quantum paradigm that will disrupt/displace technologies and industries in virtually every aspect of the human experience.

At the heart of EeroQ’s technology is the trapping and control of individual electrons floating above pools of superfluid helium.

Elyah has created Qubit Workbench that provides a space to write, test, debug, and simulate quantum code.

Entangled Networks
Working in partnership with industry and academic collaborators, Entangled Networks provides optical components, software, and engineering support for scalable multi-QPU quantum computing solutions.​

Entanglement Inc.
Entanglement, Inc. is an early-stage deep technology company dedicated, inter alia, to providing unprecedented commercial access to diverse and advanced computing systems.

Entanglement Partners
Entanglement Partners is a quantum information company; when talking about quantum information, the question is not “when” but “who.”

Entropica Labs
Entropica Labs uses quantum computing to solve the hardest enterprise optimization problems and uses optimization to advance the performances of quantum computers.

Equal1 Laboratories is accelerating the introduction of useful, cost-effective quantum computers within a three-year time horizon.

EvolutionQ offers a standard set of services proven to help a company’s quantum-safe cyber security migration.

EYL contributes to blocking the threat of hacking of data and IoT devices in people’s lives and industrial sites around the world and improving the quality of life of all people by strengthening the level of convergence security in the IoT-based 4th industry and supplying it at an affordable price.

Good Chemistry Company
Good Chemistry Company is re-imagining the way computational chemistry simulations are done. Its platform, QEMIST Cloud, combines cloud, AI, and quantum computing in an integrated solution designed for developers.

H-Bar Consultants
H-Bar Consultants are experts in the fields of quantum technology and quantum physics and can help advise both business and government in this exciting new technological field.

Horizon Quantum Computing
Horizon Quantum Computing is pioneering an approach to quantum computing that allows users to write programs in classical languages that can be compiled and run on conventional or quantum computers, without any knowledge in quantum computing.

HQS Quantum Simulations
HQS provides software for materials scientists in the chemical industry, as well as in academia. Sophisticated quantum-level models of materials and their molecular properties give researchers the deeper insights they need to identify the ideal solution for their needs.

ID Quantique
ID Quantique has developed the key components of a stronger cyber security ecosystem to ensure that workers, officials, security forces, citizens, and families around the world collaborate and exchange information safely.

InfiniQuant investigates possible applications for quantum communication scenarios.

InfinityQ is a quantum-inspired technology designed to serve gaming and the metaverse’s intensive computation demands.

IonQ began trading as IONQ on the New York Stock Exchange, making it the world’s first public pure-play quantum computing company. It remains hard at work realizing the world-changing potential of quantum computing.

IQM Finland
IQM Finland builds quantum computers for research laboratories and supercomputing centers. For industrial customers, it delivers quantum advantage through its unique application-specific co-design approach.

ISARA provides crypto-agile technologies and quantum-safe cryptography to enable a seamless, practical, and cost-effective transition to new cryptographic standards so that users can protect their customers’ mission-critical assets now and in the quantum age.

Jij is developing quantum annealing and mathematical optimization with partners in a wide range of fields, including infrastructure, personnel allocation, and materials development.

Leveraging quantum technology, JoS QUANTUM is building the next-generation calculation engine for capital and energy markets.

KETS Quantum Security
KETS is passionate about solving real-world security problems using the unique advantages of quantum technologies.

Kipu Quantum
Kipu Quantum creates customer value in five verticals using off-the-shelf quantum technologies and parts.

Kiutra’s mission is to provide its research and industry customers with easy-to-use, turnkey cryostats that give them the time to focus on their work rather than on their cryostats.

Kvantify wants to make Denmark and Northern Europe the leading region in the world for harvesting the benefits of quantum computing.

Low Noise Factory
Low Noise Factory designs and produces the world’s best low-noise microwave amplifiers. These amplifiers are used near absolute zero–cryogenic–temperatures for space exploration, quantum computing, and radio astronomy and for various ground-breaking scientific endeavors where extreme sensitivity is paramount.

M-Labs is a leading-edge control system for quantum information experiments, developed in partnership with a growing number of research institutions worldwide.

MagiQ Technologies’ solutions are its innovative use of quantum and classical optical science versus traditional electronic approaches.

Maybell Quantum Industries
Maybell Quantum Industries wants to deliver the world’s best tools to solve the toughest quantum challenges, offering solutions that are more accessible, reliable, and affordable while building a workforce and supply chain that advance U.S. quantum leadership.

Menten AI
Menten AI is a drug design company that develops machine learning and quantum computing methods to accelerate drug discovery.

The Miraex technology and production team is composed of highly talented scientists and production-focused engineers, from semiconductor microfabrication and integrated photonics to quantum hardware and computer science.

Molecular Quantum Solutions
MQS bridges the gap between laboratories and quantum chemistry.

Multiverse Computing
Multiverse Computing provides software for companies in the financial industry wanting to gain an edge with quantum computing.

NetraMark offers a research-accelerating augmented intelligence platform at the forefront of causal AI.

Next Generation Quantum
Next Generation Quantum interconnects multiple quantum processors in one large quantum computing cluster.

NodeQ’s advanced software tools enable a customer to design a quantum network, optimize its architecture and components, and realize its real-time control at the optimal working point.

Nord Quantique
Nord Quantique develops superconducting circuits that can mitigate errors on every individual qubit. It provides a faster pathway to fault-tolerant quantum computing.

Nordic Quantum Computing Group
NQCG is building the world’s fastest and most powerful optical quantum computers, making them universally accessible and useful for research, business, and society at large.

Nu Quantum
Nu Quantum is creating high-performance, quantum networking solutions that will predicate the future of quantum information processing.

ODE’s mission is to change the world with algorithms that solve non-deterministic polynomial-time hardness chemistry problems.

Opacity is making current quantum computers useful at both ends of the stack, bridging the gap between quantum applications and near-term hardware.

Orange Quantum Systems
Orange QS accelerates the development of quantum technology for quantum computing. It supports R&D labs with characterization and calibration software and delivers full-stack hardware systems for quantum device diagnostics.

ORCA Computing
ORCA Computing offers a new approach to quantum computing using proprietary ORCA quantum memory technology and leveraging an industry-standard infrastructure.

Origin Quantum Computing
Origin Quantum provides quantum simulator computing services such as full-amplitude, partial-amplitude, single-amplitude, and noise-inclusive quantum simulators.

Oxford Ionics
Oxford Ionics’ quantum computers harness the inherent perfection of atoms to solve the world’s most important problems. They achieve precision in every dimension by combining the world’s highest quality qubits–trapped ions–with their unique noiseless electronic qubit control technology.

Oxford Quantum Circuits
OQC’s quantum computer is a complete functional unit, including the control system, the hardware, and the software.

ParityQC develops blueprints for quantum computers based on the ParityQC architecture.

PASQAL builds on this decade of expertise and numerous achievements in the engineering of lasers, vacuum systems, and detection systems to manufacture quantum information processors that tackle complex issues, from fundamental science to grand challenges.

Patero builds and deploys quantum secure cryptographic solutions that protect national security, critical infrastructure, and supply chain assets against the threat of quantum computing attacks.

Phase Space Computing
Phase Space Computing is a spin-off company from Linköping University, Sweden, that produces educational tools for quantum information science.

PhaseCraft is developing the fundamental quantum theory and software that will enable quantum computers to investigate novel quantum materials, helping to develop better batteries and more efficient solar cells.

Photonic Inc.
Photonic’s silicon-based quantum technologies bring that precipitous breakthrough within sight–addressing core questions quantum innovators have been working to answer for decades. uses classical computational methods and quantum computing to accelerate catalyst and material development.

POLARISqb has built the first-ever drug discovery platform using a quantum computer, making the discovery process ten times faster.

Post-Quantum is a source of usable quantum-safe solutions with its range of available software products.

PQShield’s team is made up of world-class researchers, mathematicians, and engineers with the highest concentration of cryptography PhDs in the industry.

ProteinQure is a computational platform for protein drug discovery. It partners with pharma to deliver experimentally validated novel chemical matter.

PsiQuantum focuses on the end goal: a large-scale, error-corrected, general-purpose quantum computer.

Q-Ctrl delivers transformational real-world outcomes from quantum technology.

Q.ANT develops novel sensors and photonic computing chips based on its quantum photonic framework.

Q.BPO offers consulting and engineering services for quantum computing. It believes that, from a mid-term perspective, quantum computing is a complete paradigm shift managers shall implement in their approaches at every stage, whatever the business they run.

Q&I provides independent solutions across the full breadth of quantum technology sectors on how to resolve critical quantum information and technology challenges, as well as exploit their opportunities.

Q4B Technologies
Q4B Technologies provides quantum computing strategy services, business consulting, and application development across industries.

Qabacus is focusing on the development and manufacturing of next-generation memory chipsets (both for AI and non-AI cloud applications) as well as data center components that make up the rack (servers and routers).

QAISEC is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art solutions for industry and state in the fields of quantum encryption and artificial intelligence.

Qapitan Quantum
Qapitan makes it easy to connect to quantum-based APIs. For each API, users will see performance metrics like average latency, uptime, and popularity.

Qasky is a high-tech enterprise engaged in quantum information technology industrialization in China, a designated producer and licensed seller of commercial cipher products certified by the State Cryptography Administration.

QBee has defined the full stack for a quantum accelerator. It starts at the application layer and, as a company, focuses on quantum genetics and quantum chemistry.

QbitLogic builds multipurpose approaches and tools that synergize the power of artificial intelligence and quantum computing to help humans create and protect software systems across various industries.

Qblox operates at the frontier of the quantum revolution. Its dedicated team of scientists, engineers, and developers is pushing quantum technology to support scientists and institutions worldwide with scalable and low-latency qubit control equipment.

Quandela builds unique solid-state sources of quantum light and creates quantum algorithms to power a new generation of quantum computers, available on the cloud.

Quantum Brilliance
Quantum Brilliance is a venture-backed Australian-German quantum computing hardware company providing diamond quantum accelerators supported by a full stack of software and application tools.

Quantum Computing Report
Quantum Computing Report is the most authoritative source for quantum industry developments as they happen. It will chronicle and promote quantum computing developments for parties interested in the industry.

Quantum Machines
Quantum Machines envisions a new technological age, a time when quantum computing revolutionizes entire industries, solves global problems, and drives unprecedented innovation.

Quantum Motion
Quantum Motion’s goal is to fast-track the development of true fault-tolerant quantum computers and reach one million qubits and beyond by leveraging existing knowledge in device fabrication within the trillion-dollar silicon industry.

Quantum Phi
Quantum Phi is a small consulting, analytics, educational, and research company from Prague, the Czech Republic.

Quantum Quants
Quantum Quants builds bridges between quantum physics and business.

Quantum Source Labs
Quantum Source Labs is revolutionizing photonic quantum computing.

Quantum Thought
Quantum Thought is the world’s premier quantum computing launchpad for the founding generation of quantum computing applications.

Quantum Trilogy
Quantum Trilogy helps its clients prevent cybersecurity incidents and eavesdropping.

Quantum Xchange
Quantum Xchange is a company of seasoned enterprise-security professionals excited about the future of the industry and their contribution to it.

Quantum-South works on complex optimization problems for cargo in airlines and ships leveraging quantum computing software.

QuantumCTek Co Ltd. is a Chinese pioneer and leader in commercialized quantum information technology, now becoming one of the world’s biggest manufacturers and providers of QIT-enabled ICT security products and services.

QuantWare has the singular ambition to accelerate the usefulness of the quantum computer while democratizing hardware and expanding the field.

QuantyCat is a hybrid quantum-classic system computing on software service.

Quanvia seeks to implement quantum applications that strike essential indicators in a positive and scalable way.

Quaxys strongly believes in training the next generation of engineers, empowering them to work on challenging technologies such as quantum computing, 5G, radar and satellite communication systems, and microwave plasma technology.

QuBalt GmbH
QuBalt provides security solutions based on quantum-secure algorithms and methods that protect quantum networks and safety-critical systems against quantum and cryptanalysis attacks.

Qubit Engineering
Qubit Engineering Inc. is a quantum computing company that has developed new optimization methods for micro-siting for wind turbines.

Qubit Pharmaceuticals
Qubit Pharmaceuticals is a physics-driven drug discovery company. Using advanced simulation software and AI-enhanced medicinal chemistry, it develops novel drug candidates and innovative modes of action against challenging targets.

Qubit Value
Qubit Value believes that the future of quantum computing is in the cloud and that quantum computing as a service (QCaaS) will be the way most organizations will be benefiting from quantum computing.

Qubitekk commercializes quantum technology with a variety of products tailored to strengthen American leadership in quantum information science.

Qubitor is an invention hub with a group of inventors to develop core technologies from “Qubit to orbit” by applying advanced concepts from nanotechnology, biomimicry, and quantum.

QuDot uses the patent-pending QuDot Net technology to simulate universal quantum computers on commodity hardware.

QuEra Computing
QuEra is a neutral-atom-based quantum computing company located in the heart of Boston on the Charles River.

Quintessence Labs
Quintessence Labs is the leader in quantum-enhanced cybersecurity. It provides enterprises with the strongest data protection today, preparing them for a quantum-safe tomorrow.

QuiX Quantum is a photonic quantum technology startup located in Enschede, the Netherlands.

Qulabs has a vision to create a quantum future by using quantum principles for engineering solutions to extremely complex problems in computing, communications, sensing, chemistry, cryptography, imaging, and mechanics.

QunaSys builds technology for quantum computing to achieve its full potential through its algorithm development and product engineering.

Qunnect builds hardware to transform telecommunications infrastructure into scalable quantum networks.

Qunova Computing
Qunova’s mission is to make quantum computing more accessible to scientists and engineers striving to solve the critical challenges that humanity faces and open innovative new horizons.

QNu Labs
QNu Labs is a leader in quantum-safe cryptography products and solutions, offering unconditional and forward security of data on the internet and cloud.

QURECA offers a range of quantum resources and professional services aimed at individuals and businesses alike.

QuRISK has elaborated a quantum risk assessment to identify, assess, and eliminate any major threat related to quantum technologies adoption.

QuSecure has developed QuProtect, a state-of-the-art, software-based quantum security solution.

Quside’s mission is to deliver the highest-performance quantum random number generators (QRNGs) to empower the transition to safer connectivity and more efficient computation for everyone, everywhere.

Resquant offers post-quantum encryption and secure architecture for electronic devices.

Rigetti Computing
Rigetti Computing is on a mission to build the world’s most powerful computers to help solve humanity’s most important and pressing problems.

Riverlane is a quantum engineering company that is hardware-obsessed and commercially driven.

SandboxAQ is an enterprise SaaS company combining AI and quantum tech to solve hard problems impacting society.

SCALINQ aims to solve the inevitable problems when scaling quantum bits in a superconducting processor.

SEEQC is built upon the fundamental premise that to deliver a commercially scalable and cost-effective quantum computing solution, classical readout, control, error correction, and data processing functions must be integrated with a quantum processor.

Semicyber specializes in the delivery of data analytics, quantum algorithms, and software services for mission-critical challenges.

SheQuantum is a global quantum computing eLearning platform with the objective of revolutionizing simplified quantum computing education and enabling more women into the field of quantum computing.

Silicofeller is dedicated to providing the most advanced and powerful quantum computing solutions to solve the world’s complex problems.

Silicon Quantum Computing
Silicon Quantum Computing creates technology at the cutting edge of science, using it in ways that are life-enhancing, human-centered, and world-changing.

Single Quantum
Single Quantum develops single photon detectors based on superconducting nanowires.

SoftwareQ delivers reliable quantum compilers, optimizers, simulators, and software for the highly dynamic landscape of quantum computing, ensuring that organizations are fully prepared to benefit from the quantum revolution.

Solid State AI
CircuitMind Inc. (dba Solid State AI) develops and deploys machine learning software that advanced manufacturers use to increase yields and throughput.

Sparrow Quantum
Sparrow Quantum is a privately held company that develops and commercializes quantum light sources as key enabling components of quantum technologies.

SpeQtral is a company rooted in research. It was formed as a spin-off of the group of Alexander Ling at the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) at the National University of Singapore.

Spin Quantum Tech
Spin Quantum Tech empowers businesses to embrace quantum computing and achieve the next level of revolution.

SpinQ is rooted in the field of quantum computing, focusing on the independent research and development of practical superconducting chip quantum computers, desktop nuclear magnetic resonance quantum computers.

Strangeworks QC is used by thousands of researchers, developers, and companies around the world to learn, teach, create, and collaborate on quantum computing projects. wants business applications to be deployed to any quantum computer through an optimized software stack developed by leading researchers.

Synergy Quantum
Synergy Quantum’s quantum technologies harness the potential of quantum mechanics through greater control of quantum entanglement and quantum superposition.

Terra Quantum AG
Terra Quantum is a deep tech pioneer, developing revolutionary quantum applications to shape the technology of the future.

Tokyo Quantum Computing
TQC is providing a set of computer program source codes for massive simulations of quantum annealing.

TundraSystems Global LTD
TundraSystems Global’s mission is to develop the next frontier of computing solutions in silicon photonics technology that addresses the limitations of semiconductors.

TuringQ is committed to the research, development, and industrialization of optical quantum chips, optical quantum computers, photonic computers, artificial intelligence photonic processors, and quantum clouds.

Unitary Zero Space
Unitary Zero Space educates and advises its clients on creating and securing a business in the second quantum revolution.

Universal Quantum
Universal Quantum builds quantum computers to tackle real-world problems that would take today’s fastest supercomputers billions of years to solve.

VeriQloud offers the most scalable and secure quantum cryptography solutions.

Xanadu is offering to build quantum computers that are useful and available to people everywhere.

Xofia develops data-driven and first principle-based mathematical models to understand the essential aspects of a physical and social system, to gain knowledge on how they work and perform, and to design mathematical and computational tools to address hard scientific, engineering, and business challenges around them.

Zapata Computing
Zapata Computing leverages its expertise and IP at the hardware and algorithmic levels to build enterprise quantum capabilities with workflows.

Zurich Instruments
Zurich Instruments is a test and measurement company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It develops and sell measurement instruments worldwide.

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