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9 Software Development Startups That Are Changing The Game

What does it take to create exceptional digital experiences?

Below are nine software development startups that are on the rise. In no particular order, they are...

Jakob Ashtar Is Transforming Communication Applications with Advanced DSP Algorithms

The signal processing specialist explains how he grew a startup into a successful software business.

jakob ashtar headshot
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Abeer Raza Accelerates Businesses Via Tech

What does it take to create exceptional digital experiences?

Abeer Raza
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Alex Borisov Is Laying the Foundations of Next-Gen Startups

Long-term strategic partners are essential for founders to realize and scale their ideas.

Alex Borisov
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Siebe van Mensfoort Is Making Molecular-Scale Simulations Of Opto-Electronic Processes Budget-Friendly

Developing new advanced materials and devices doesn’t have to break the bank.

Siebe van Mensfoort
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Andriy Obrizan Is Making Life Easy for Those Building Web Apps

How far can a business take its web applications with a reliable software partner by its side?

Andriy Obrizan
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Hariharan Ganesh Is Paving the Way for the Industrial Internet of Things

This company's software is helping industries take their physical processes into the digital world.

Hariharan Ganesh
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Javier Ailbirt Is Increasing Value Through AI-Powered Automation

Can you humanize companies when you give them the tools to automate their repetitive processes?

Javier Ailbirt
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Christian Heidemeyer Is Making Agile Teams Stronger Through Software and Psychology

Healthy and sustainable team development requires eradicating the root causes of any problem.

Christian Heidemeyer
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Vlad Centea Has Built a SaaS-Based Gamification Model that’s Customizable for Enterprises

Can tokens and game mechanics keep employees and customers involved?

Vlad Centea
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