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15 U.K. Startups That Are Changing The Game

How can technology help people find mentors efficiently?

Below are 15 U.K. startups that are on the rise. In no particular order, they are...

Michal Simon Is Giving Developers Tools to Fight Technical Debt

Someone has to build for the builders, right?

Michal Simon
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Chris Stack Is Building Innovative Energy Storage Devices

Solar is great, but how do you store all that energy for later?

Chris Stack
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Edward Williamson-Smit Has $300,000 to Tell Impactful Stories via Film

This small studio is doing big things.

Edward Williamson-Smit
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Daria Dubinina Creates Entire Banks in Just Days

Where do fintech industry players turn when they need to launch products quickly and cost-effectively?

Daria Dubinina headshot
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Darshita Gillies Allows Firms To Measure The Sustainability of Their Investments

How can organizations embed sustainability into their decision-making—and track it?

Darshita Gillies
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Rebecca Bennett Aims to Make Personal Care Products More Sustainable

This company is determined to change minds and hearts so that sustainable personal care products become consumers’ first choice.

rebecca bennett behind a wodden gate
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Ed Johnson Aims to Make it Possible for Everyone to Find a Mentor

How can technology help people find mentors efficiently?

ed johnson headshot
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John Natalizia Is Helping People Beat Their Budget Challenges

With the cost of living creeping up every day, how can people stay on top of their finances?

John Natalizia
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Deirdre McGettrick Is Building the Ultimate Search Engine for Furniture

How many websites must a person trawl before they can find their dream furniture?

Deirdre McGettrick
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Alan Vey Is Making it Easy for Big Business to Build Robust Blockchain Solutions

The Blockchain can’t live up to its promise if enterprises lack the tools to benefit from it.

Alan Vey
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Katja Kaine’s Software Is Helping People Write Better Novels

This software takes care of organization, so authors can focus on writing.

Katja Kaine
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Ozan Uçar Is Shaping the Future of Email Security

Email security requires tech solutions and robust threat awareness by email users.

Ozan Uçar
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Gabriele Musella Aims to Democratize Crypto Trading with Specialized Bots

Can crypto trading ever become simple?

Gabriele Musella headshot
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Irina Georgieva Built a Platform for Small Businesses to Connect and Collaborate

By working together, can startups benefit from extra business opportunities?

Irina Georgieva
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Rahmon Ojukotola Is Betting on Data Analysis to Reduce Energy Bills and Carbon Emissions

Who wouldn’t want to take control of their energy bills?!

Rahmon Ojukotola
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