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14 Blockchain Startups That Are Changing The Game

A seasoned entrepreneur and his company are driving massive change in a highly fragmented market.

Below are 14 blockchain startups that are on the rise. In no particular order, they are...

Chrissa McFarlane Aims to Put People in Charge of Their Medical Info with Digital Health Data Wallets

What if you could control your health data and benefit financially at the same time?

Chrissa McFarlane
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Emeka Nwachinemere Is Giving Africa’s Farmers Digital Tools and Infrastructure to Succeed

Can technology help these farmers to reduce waste and access new markets?

Emeka Nwachinemere
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Carla and Dario Ferreri Have Made Carpooling for Packages a Reality

Is it possible to revolutionize something as mundane as package delivery?

Carla Ferreri
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After Obtaining HK$11 Million, Benny Liu Aspires to Revamp the Home Renovation Industry

A seasoned entrepreneur and his company are driving massive change in a highly fragmented market.

Benny Liu headshot.
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Aline Deparis Is Equipping Brazilian Companies with Tools to Protect Data and Privacy

In today’s data-driven world, protecting personal data has become anything but optional for companies worldwide.

Aline Deparis
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Christof Straub Is Revolutionizing the Music Industry with NFTs

Could blockchain technology be the key to putting artists and fans in the driving seat?

Christof Straub, founder and CEO of Global Rockstar
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Wolfgang Rückerl is Working Hard to Drive Mass Adoption of Blockchain Solutions

Could this startup take the blockpain out of blockchain?

Wolfgang Rückerl
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Alan Vey Is Making it Easy for Big Business to Build Robust Blockchain Solutions

The Blockchain can’t live up to its promise if enterprises lack the tools to benefit from it.

Alan Vey
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Vlad Centea Has Built a SaaS-Based Gamification Model that’s Customizable for Enterprises

Can tokens and game mechanics keep employees and customers involved?

Vlad Centea
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Gabriele Musella Aims to Democratize Crypto Trading with Specialized Bots

Can crypto trading ever become simple?

Gabriele Musella headshot
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Creators Crowdfunding with Custom Cryptocurrency? Artur Makowka Is Making That Happen

The time has come to take crowdfunding to the next level.

mintme coin image
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Is Asaf Naim Building the Twilio of Decentralized Apps?

This smart transaction development platform is reducing dev costs and improving time to market.

Asaf Naim
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Eugene Mintsevich Aims to Build the Ultimate User Verification Protocol for Web 3.0

While the decentralized web thrives on anonymity, someone has to watch out for those who abuse the privilege.

Eugene Mintsevich
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Marcus Newark Wants to Get People Out and About with Irresistible Nightlife Offers

Creating nights to remember isn’t hard when the options are plentiful.

Marcus Newark
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