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13 AI Startups That Are Changing The Game

Can an AI app replace an endurance coach?

Below are 13 AI startups that are on the rise. In no particular order, they are...

Yann Gaston Mathé Has 15.5 Million Euros to Pour into AI Solutions to Accelerate Drug Discovery

How can AI help us in the battle against serious diseases?

Yann Gaston Mathé
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Fatima Awan Is Leveraging AI to Match People with the Perfect Skincare Product

Could deep learning software enhance customer experiences while boosting retailers' profits?

Fatima Awan
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Sadi Vural Is Pushing Back Frontiers in Facial Recognition Technology

A Japan-based company is working to revolutionize facial recognition worldwide.

Sadi Vural headshot
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Richard Lang Is Betting that AI Will Make It Possible for Everyone to Become a Better Cyclist

Can an AI app replace an endurance coach?

Richard Lang
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David Novák Is Making AI-Based Image Manipulation and Analysis Affordable

With great (image processing) power, comes great responsibility.

David Novák
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Alonzo Romero Lauro Is Driving Energy Efficiency Through AI

Is AI the key to managing and optimizing energy consumption?

Alonzo Romero
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Mario Bustamante Is Using AI and Drones to Maximize Farming Profits

Big data and artificial intelligence are ushering in a new age for agriculture.

Mario Bustamante
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Javier Ailbirt Is Increasing Value Through AI-Powered Automation

Can you humanize companies when you give them the tools to automate their repetitive processes?

Javier Ailbirt
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Hüseyin Tamer Wants to Help People Roll Back Time with a Face Yoga App

A holistic approach to self-care can’t fail to include attention to facial health.

Hüseyin Tamer
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Jan Luca Sandmann Is Bringing Generative AI to Document Creation

The days of slaving over a report seem to be coming to an end.

Jan Luca Sandmann
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Justin Chua Is Taking the Hassle Out of Launching an AI Business

You no longer have to be a tech whiz to start an AI business.

Justin Chua
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With $15 Million, Shinya Motohashi Is Transforming Video Processing with Edge Computing and AI

Everyone is talking about AI, but how many make practical use of it?

Shinya Motohashi
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Alan Kashkash Is Making Language Schools Far More Efficient Through AI

What if language schools could generate course content far faster through tech?

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Asaf Naim

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Joe Menninger

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