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19 SaaS Startups That Are Changing The Game

What does it take to create exceptional digital experiences?

Below are 19 SaaS startups that are on the rise. In no particular order, they are...

With $4.3 Million, Archer Chiang Is Transforming Corporate Gifting

Could AI be key to making corporate gifting feel more personal?

Archer Chiang
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With $15 Million Raised, Lauren Foundos’ Startup Streams Fitness Classes

Busy? Let the gym to come to you.

Lauren Foundos
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Javier Ailbirt Expects Revenue of $3.5 Million by Increasing Value Through AI-powered Automation

Can you humanize companies when you give them the tools to automate their repetitive processes?

Javier Ailbirt
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Stéfano Willig Is Uncomplicating the Day-to-Day Management of Almost 3,000 Small Enterprises

With powerful and user-friendly management software at their disposal, small businesses in Brazil have only one thing to worry about: growth.

Stéfano Willig
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Darshita Gillies Allows Firms To Measure The Sustainability of Their Investments

How can organizations embed sustainability into their decision-making—and track it?

Darshita Gillies
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Natallia Chykina Is Helping Fund Managers Save Time and Money Through Automation

Her tech simplifies an industry in dire need of it.

Natallia Chykina
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Ed Johnson Aims to Make it Possible for Everyone to Find a Mentor

How can technology help people find mentors efficiently?

ed johnson headshot
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Mohamed Ghaith Is Making the Launch of Online Marketplaces as Easy as Child’s Play

Could this SaaS platform's simple UX give it an edge over its competitors?

Mohamed Ghaith headshot
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David Novák Is Making AI-Based Image Manipulation and Analysis Affordable

With great (image processing) power, comes great responsibility.

David Novák
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Power to the (Product) People! Mike Strives is Reshaping How We Collect and Prioritize User Feedback

What happens when product developers and users communicate with ease?

Mike Strives
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Amos Bastian Is Helping Brands Find and Engage With Leads on Social Media

How can brands find and fully engage their target audiences in the ever-changing social landscape?

Amos Bastian
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Andriy Obrizan Is Making Life Easy for Those Building Web Apps

How far can a business take its web applications with a reliable software partner by its side?

Andriy Obrizan
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Alonzo Romero Lauro Is Driving Energy Efficiency Through AI

Is AI the key to managing and optimizing energy consumption?

Alonzo Romero
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Julia Nesterets Is Bringing Enormous Power and Lightning Speed to SEO Analytics

Can it really be that simple to grow organic traffic?

Julia Nesterets
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Fatima Awan Is Leveraging AI to Match People with the Perfect Skincare Product

Could deep learning software enhance customer experiences while boosting retailers' profits?

Fatima Awan
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Abeer Raza Accelerates Businesses Via Tech

What does it take to create exceptional digital experiences?

Abeer Raza
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Maximiliano Casal Is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management for Latin American Companies

How are digital tools transforming import/export logistics for companies in emerging markets?

Maximiliano Casal
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Jorge Iriso and Aimee Cole Are Minimizing Employee Turnover

When employees speak up and employers listen, everything works as it should.

Jorge Iriso and Aimee Cole
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Justin Chua Is Taking the Hassle Out of Launching an AI Business

You no longer have to be a tech whiz to start an AI business.

Justin Chua
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