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26 App Startups That Are Changing The Game

Can people be there for their loved ones after they’re gone? Art Shaikh firmly believes they can, and he gives them the means to achieve it.

Below are 26 app startups that are on the rise. In no particular order, they are...

Chris Ellis Is Tackling Tinnitus with His Firm’s Proprietary Technology

Physical therapy for your ears? Yes, you can do that with this app.

Chris Ellis
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Leo Rosenbaum Is Giving Blood Pressure Management the AI Treatment

Can this app turn the tide in the battle against hypertension?

Leo Rosenbaum
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Frederick Besson Is Leveraging Tech to Identify Your Ideal Perfume

Not sure what perfume to buy next? No worries, AI can help with that, too.

Frederick Besson
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Guillermo Campoamor Is Making Transportation in Cities Far More Efficient

Few things are as important to city dwellers as getting around fast.

Guillermo Campoamor
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With $2.9 Million, Andrea Campos Has Built an AI Mental Health Tool to Navigate Daily Problems

Are bots about to become the next big thing in managing emotions?

Andrea Campos
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With HK$200 Million AUM, Allen Lau Aims To Make Wealth Management Far More Accessible

Wealth management has long been something reserved for the rich, but tech is leveling the playing field.

Allen PakChing Lau
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Matthew Iommi Is Making It Easier to Get Around in Groups with On-Demand Group Ridesharing

Could group rideshares be key to decongesting cities?

Matthew Iommi
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Brian Lee Is Creating Branded Experiences Like City-Wide Scavenger Hunts

Offering a customer a unique experience may just be the best way to win them over.

Brian Lee
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Kevin McCarthy Is Using AI to Create Custom Study Materials

Is personalized education the key to nurturing a passion for learning?

Kevin McCarthy
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Mike Sharman Is Furnishing Athletes with the Tools to Attain Financial Fitness

How can professional athletes without traditional financial support systems thrive and reach their goals?

Mike Sharman
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John Natalizia Is Helping People Beat Their Budget Challenges

With the cost of living creeping up every day, how can people stay on top of their finances?

John Natalizia
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Sergei Azbarov Is Renovating the Home Renovation Process

His company's tech is putting people in control of their home renovation projects so they can avoid costly mistakes.

Sergei Azbarov
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Mark Brouwers’ App Creatively Helps Answer The Question “What Will We Do Tonight?”

Those who share fun events get tokens they can spend at venues.

Mark Brouwers
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Vlad Centea Has Built a SaaS-Based Gamification Model that’s Customizable for Enterprises

Can tokens and game mechanics keep employees and customers involved?

Vlad Centea
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Jan Doležal Is Giving Travel Guides a 21st-Century Makeover

Digital travel guides are changing the game for travel enthusiasts and tourist organizations.

Jan Doležal
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Nina Kiwit and Manuel Kraus Are Helping People Stave Off Cognitive Decline

Who says keeping your brain healthy can’t be fun?

Nina Kiwit and Manuel Kraus
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Dario Boras Is Helping Businesses Manage Their Parking Spots from an App

Can the combination of physical barriers and innovative software help organizations regain control of their parking spaces?

Dario Boras
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Gabriele Musella Aims to Democratize Crypto Trading with Specialized Bots

Can crypto trading ever become simple?

Gabriele Musella headshot
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Hüseyin Tamer Wants to Help People Roll Back Time with a Face Yoga App

A holistic approach to self-care can’t fail to include attention to facial health.

Hüseyin Tamer
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Ankit Jain Is Making Planning Outdoor Adventures Less of a Hike

Can one ever be fully prepared for an adventure in the great outdoors?

Ankit Jain
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Craig Fernandes Is Reshaping Lives by Fighting Digital Addiction

The young entrepreneur tells us about his mission and lessons learned along the way to business success.

craig fernandes headshot
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Art Shaikh Is Redefining Generational Connections and Family Legacies

Can people be there for their loved ones after they’re gone? Art Shaikh firmly believes they can, and he gives them the means to achieve it.

Art Shaikh headshot
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Justin Keenan Is Gamifying Physical Therapy

Can fun games and wearables make physical therapy engaging enough to deliver sustained results?

Justin Keenan headshot
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Abeer Raza Accelerates Businesses Via Tech

What does it take to create exceptional digital experiences?

Abeer Raza
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Richard Lang Is Betting that AI Will Make It Possible for Everyone to Become a Better Cyclist

Can an AI app replace an endurance coach?

Richard Lang
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Marcus Rader Is Giving Vacation Rental Property Managers the Tech Tools to Thrive

Is automation the answer vacation rental businesses have been looking for?

Marcus Rader
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