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28 Female Founders Who Are Changing The Game

Her tech simplifies an industry in dire need of it.

Below are 28 female founders who are on the rise. In no particular order, they are...

With $15 Million Raised, Lauren Foundos’ Startup Streams Fitness Classes

Busy? Let the gym to come to you.

Lauren Foundos
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Olivia Pedersen Helps People Earn Rewards for Energy Efficient Living

Environmentally conscious living can offer you more than the satisfaction of helping the planet.

Olivia Pedersen
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Chrissa McFarlane Aims to Put People in Charge of Their Medical Info with Digital Health Data Wallets

What if you could control your health data and benefit financially at the same time?

Chrissa McFarlane
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Carla and Dario Ferreri Have Made Carpooling for Packages a Reality

Is it possible to revolutionize something as mundane as package delivery?

Carla Ferreri
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With $2.9 Million, Andrea Campos Has Built an AI Mental Health Tool to Navigate Daily Problems

Are bots about to become the next big thing in managing emotions?

Andrea Campos
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Daria Dubinina Creates Entire Banks in Just Days

Where do fintech industry players turn when they need to launch products quickly and cost-effectively?

Daria Dubinina headshot
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Darshita Gillies Allows Firms To Measure The Sustainability of Their Investments

How can organizations embed sustainability into their decision-making—and track it?

Darshita Gillies
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Natallia Chykina Is Helping Fund Managers Save Time and Money Through Automation

Her tech simplifies an industry in dire need of it.

Natallia Chykina
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Karolina Decker Aims To Give Women Financial Knowledge and Independence

Financial education is the key to economic equality.

Karolina Decker
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Aline Deparis Is Equipping Brazilian Companies with Tools to Protect Data and Privacy

In today’s data-driven world, protecting personal data has become anything but optional for companies worldwide.

Aline Deparis
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Tina Banerjee Is Aiming to Disrupt the User Testing Field

User testing is about to become much easier and more insightful courtesy of a startup that understands the challenges digital businesses face.

tina banerjee
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Ana Aldea Is Shaking Up B2B Digital Marketing

A mother and a successful businesswoman, Ana Aldea proves you can have it all when there’s a will to succeed and the vision to back it up.

Ana Aldea headshot
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Mercedes Martínez Villar Is Intent on Democratizing Cultural Exchange

An online marketplace conceived in Spain is on a mission to drag the cultural exchange experience kicking and screaming into the new age.

Mercedes Martínez Villar headshot
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Rebecca Bennett Aims to Make Personal Care Products More Sustainable

This company is determined to change minds and hearts so that sustainable personal care products become consumers’ first choice.

rebecca bennett behind a wodden gate
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Ayelet Noff Channels Her Passion for Great PR to Help Tech Companies Make a Difference

This startup is deeply committed to giving tech companies the chance to share their stories and helping them navigate today’s rapidly changing media landscape.

Ayelet Noff headshot
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Stefanie Palomino’s New Take On Remote Meetings Might Be What We’re All Missing

Can beautiful 3D environments be enough to beat Zoom?

Stefanie Palomino
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Deirdre McGettrick Is Building the Ultimate Search Engine for Furniture

How many websites must a person trawl before they can find their dream furniture?

Deirdre McGettrick
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Fabienne Fourquet Is Giving Spanish-Speaking Content Creators the Tools to Thrive

There is a massive Spanish-speaking young audience out there waiting for brands and content creators to reach it.

Fabienne Fourquet
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Katja Kaine’s Software Is Helping People Write Better Novels

This software takes care of organization, so authors can focus on writing.

Katja Kaine
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Nina Kiwit and Manuel Kraus Are Helping People Stave Off Cognitive Decline

Who says keeping your brain healthy can’t be fun?

Nina Kiwit and Manuel Kraus
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Irina Georgieva Built a Platform for Small Businesses to Connect and Collaborate

By working together, can startups benefit from extra business opportunities?

Irina Georgieva
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Julia Nesterets Is Bringing Enormous Power and Lightning Speed to SEO Analytics

Can it really be that simple to grow organic traffic?

Julia Nesterets
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Fatima Awan Is Leveraging AI to Match People with the Perfect Skincare Product

Could deep learning software enhance customer experiences while boosting retailers' profits?

Fatima Awan
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Florence Leong Aims to Expand Access to Healthy Food Through High-Quality Plant Extracts

A startup in Singapore is working to make functional food available to all and reduce food waste in the process.

florence leong headshot
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Deanna Visperas Walks The Walk: She Leverages Virtual Assistants To Run Her Virtual Assistant Business While Traveling the World

What's better than a founder who personally relies on her own service?

Deanna Visperas
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Elyse Petersen Is Promoting Transparency in the Global Tea Trade

Supply chain transparency should be everyone’s cup of tea.

Elyse Petersen
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Jane Peh Is Making it Easy for Pet Brands to Turn Their Customers into Marketing Departments

Pets are adorable, but how can their cuteness translate into marketing success?

Jane Peh
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Susan Johnston Bets on Innovation to Help Content Creators Thrive

Passionate about storytelling, New Media Film Festival® celebrates great art while also providing a platform that enables creators to monetize their content.

Susan Johnston headshot
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Christof Haslauer

Christof Haslauer Is Making Event-Viewing Far More Immersive on Mobile

florence leong headshot

5 Food Startups That Are Changing The Game