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31 B2C Startups That Are Changing The Game

Is there a way to finally make digital content providers respect consumer consent and communication preferences?

Below are 31 B2C startups that are on the rise. In no particular order, they are...

Nirit Rubenstein’s Credit Improvement Engine Aims to Unlock Financial Opportunities for All

Could AI help consumers improve their financial health?

Nirit Rubenstein
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Emil Heidkamp Elevates Workforce Performance Through Corporate Training Solutions

How does an organization ensure that its staff can meet ever-changing business challenges?

Emil Heidkamp
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Eliot Knepper Is Empowering Brands with AI-Driven Customer Insights

How can a brand be near-certain that people want its products?

Eliot Knepper
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With Over $1 Million, Keith Petri Is Building the Next Big Thing in Email and Digital Identity Management

Is there a way to finally make digital content providers respect consumer consent and communication preferences?

Keith Petri
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Armed With $3 Million, Brian Curcio Has Been Changing Investment Education

We learn best when we have fun doing it.

Brian Curcio
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Karolina Decker Aims To Give Women Financial Knowledge and Independence

Financial education is the key to economic equality.

Karolina Decker
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Stephen Obeli Someday: This Founder Aims to Weave Trust and Inclusivity into Africa’s eCommerce Fabric

Can this startup's focus on winning its customers' confidence help it expand in a competitive sector?

Stephen Obeli Someday
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Mike Sharman Is Furnishing Athletes with the Tools to Attain Financial Fitness

How can professional athletes without traditional financial support systems thrive and reach their goals?

Mike Sharman
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Christof Straub Is Revolutionizing the Music Industry with NFTs

Could blockchain technology be the key to putting artists and fans in the driving seat?

Christof Straub, founder and CEO of Global Rockstar
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Mercedes Martínez Villar Is Intent on Democratizing Cultural Exchange

An online marketplace conceived in Spain is on a mission to drag the cultural exchange experience kicking and screaming into the new age.

Mercedes Martínez Villar headshot
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Rebecca Bennett Aims to Make Personal Care Products More Sustainable

This company is determined to change minds and hearts so that sustainable personal care products become consumers’ first choice.

rebecca bennett behind a wodden gate
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John Natalizia Is Helping People Beat Their Budget Challenges

With the cost of living creeping up every day, how can people stay on top of their finances?

John Natalizia
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Sergei Azbarov Is Renovating the Home Renovation Process

His company's tech is putting people in control of their home renovation projects so they can avoid costly mistakes.

Sergei Azbarov
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Katja Kaine’s Software Is Helping People Write Better Novels

This software takes care of organization, so authors can focus on writing.

Katja Kaine
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Nina Kiwit and Manuel Kraus Are Helping People Stave Off Cognitive Decline

Who says keeping your brain healthy can’t be fun?

Nina Kiwit and Manuel Kraus
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Francesco Magro Ensures Italians Are Never Without Their Favorite Drink at Home

No cold beer at home? Dying for a glass of red wine? Need champagne to celebrate? Just give it 30 minutes!

Francesco Magro
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Gabriele Musella Aims to Democratize Crypto Trading with Specialized Bots

Can crypto trading ever become simple?

Gabriele Musella headshot
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Daniel Sand Is Building the Airbnb of Professional Film Equipment

No filmmaker or photographer should have to miss out on a great project just because they lack the right gear.

Daniel Sand
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Albert Icart Is Making It Possible for All Dogs to Enjoy Healthy Food

Preparing healthy dog food now takes mere minutes.

Albert Icart
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Hüseyin Tamer Wants to Help People Roll Back Time with a Face Yoga App

A holistic approach to self-care can’t fail to include attention to facial health.

Hüseyin Tamer
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Jan Luca Sandmann Is Bringing Generative AI to Document Creation

The days of slaving over a report seem to be coming to an end.

Jan Luca Sandmann
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Craig Fernandes Is Reshaping Lives by Fighting Digital Addiction

The young entrepreneur tells us about his mission and lessons learned along the way to business success.

craig fernandes headshot
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Art Shaikh Is Redefining Generational Connections and Family Legacies

Can people be there for their loved ones after they’re gone? Art Shaikh firmly believes they can, and he gives them the means to achieve it.

Art Shaikh headshot
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Justin Keenan Is Gamifying Physical Therapy

Can fun games and wearables make physical therapy engaging enough to deliver sustained results?

Justin Keenan headshot
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A Doctor in Your Pocket? Sean Mehra Is Making That Happen

Can patients and their doctors build a direct, long-term connection in a virtual environment?

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Creators Crowdfunding with Custom Cryptocurrency? Artur Makowka Is Making That Happen

The time has come to take crowdfunding to the next level.

mintme coin image
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Richard Lang Is Betting that AI Will Make It Possible for Everyone to Become a Better Cyclist

Can an AI app replace an endurance coach?

Richard Lang
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Ayush Gupta Is Leading India’s Legal Documentation Market into the Digital Age

Will a fiercely traditional market embrace a tech-driven future?

Ayush Rajnish Gupta
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Preston Yadegar Is Enabling Shareholders to Make the Most of Their Voting Rights

This platform increases activist investors' impact and passive investors' profits.

Preston Yadegar
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Michael Cregan Is Bringing Luxury to an Indispensable Closet Accessory

Luxury clothing deserves luxury hangers.

Michael Cregan
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Simon Church Is Blending Games and Crypto to Create an Ecosystem Where All Benefit

One currency across thousands of games—what's not to love?

Simon Church
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