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28 U.S. Startups That Are Changing The Game

Can people be there for their loved ones after they’re gone? Art Shaikh firmly believes they can, and he gives them the means to achieve it.

Below are 28 U.S. startups that are on the rise. In no particular order, they are...

Fatima Awan Is Leveraging AI to Match People with the Perfect Skincare Product

Could deep learning software enhance customer experiences while boosting retailers' profits?

Fatima Awan
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Ankit Jain Is Making Planning Outdoor Adventures Less of a Hike

Can one ever be fully prepared for an adventure in the great outdoors?

Ankit Jain
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Edmundas Balcikonis’ Startup Aims to Become the Top Provider of Ancillary Travel Services

How can AI help drive more revenue for travel sites?

Edmundas Balcikonis
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D’Arcy Young Is Making Building Owners and Tenants Happy with Better Real Estate Management Tech

Is there an easy way to unleash the potential of a commercial building while also giving its tenants control over their experience?

Darcy Young
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Jakob Ashtar Is Transforming Communication Applications with Advanced DSP Algorithms

The signal processing specialist explains how he grew a startup into a successful software business.

jakob ashtar headshot
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Art Shaikh Is Redefining Generational Connections and Family Legacies

Can people be there for their loved ones after they’re gone? Art Shaikh firmly believes they can, and he gives them the means to achieve it.

Art Shaikh headshot
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Abeer Raza Accelerates Businesses Via Tech

What does it take to create exceptional digital experiences?

Abeer Raza
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A Doctor in Your Pocket? Sean Mehra Is Making That Happen

Can patients and their doctors build a direct, long-term connection in a virtual environment?

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Chad Otar Is Making Access to Funding Simple for Small Businesses

What does a small company do when it needs money quickly but traditional lenders show it the door for whatever reason?

Chad Otar
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Tahem Verma Is Building the Financial Stack for Web3 Teams

How can DAOs and Web3 startups scale their financial operations in a cost-effective way?

Tahem Verma
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Elyse Petersen Is Promoting Transparency in the Global Tea Trade

Supply chain transparency should be everyone’s cup of tea.

Elyse Petersen
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Jane Peh Is Making it Easy for Pet Brands to Turn Their Customers into Marketing Departments

Pets are adorable, but how can their cuteness translate into marketing success?

Jane Peh
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Preston Yadegar Is Enabling Shareholders to Make the Most of Their Voting Rights

This platform increases activist investors' impact and passive investors' profits.

Preston Yadegar
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Hariharan Ganesh Is Paving the Way for the Industrial Internet of Things

This company's software is helping industries take their physical processes into the digital world.

Hariharan Ganesh
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Michael Cregan Is Bringing Luxury to an Indispensable Closet Accessory

Luxury clothing deserves luxury hangers.

Michael Cregan
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Marcus Rader Is Giving Vacation Rental Property Managers the Tech Tools to Thrive

Is automation the answer vacation rental businesses have been looking for?

Marcus Rader
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Jorge Iriso and Aimee Cole Are Minimizing Employee Turnover

When employees speak up and employers listen, everything works as it should.

Jorge Iriso and Aimee Cole
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Sherry Khan Is Telling Corporate Stories with Sleek Animated Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a brand can say a lot with a video.

Sherry Khan
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With Nearly $1,000,000 In Funding, Robert Kowalski Is Transforming the Recruitment Process

Can AI help organizations recruit faster, fairer, and better?

Robert Kowalski
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Armed With Millions, Brian Curcio Has Been Changing Investment Education

We learn best when we have fun doing it.

Brian Curcio
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Neerav Parekh Wants to Make Businesses’ Massive Amounts of Data Easy To Understand

What good is a treasure trove of data if decision-makers struggle to interpret it?

Neerav Parekh
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Kevin Martin Is Making a Splash in the Off-Market Real Estate Investment Pool

Is there anything better for real estate investors than finding great properties quickly and sealing a deal just as quickly?

Kevin Martin
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Keith Petri Is Building the Next Big Thing in Email and Digital Identity Management

Is there a way to finally make digital content providers respect consumer consent and communication preferences?

Keith Petri
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Ben Conniff Serves Massive Amounts of Lobster with a Hefty Side of Sustainability

When seafood is responsibly and knowledgeably harvested, the perks go way beyond great-tasting meals.

ben conniff
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Sleek, Automated Retail? That’s What Fernando Machin Is Working On

Is there still room for innovation in an industry that has arguably seen it all?

Fernando Machin
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Susan Johnston Bets on Innovation to Help Content Creators Thrive

Passionate about storytelling, New Media Film Festival® celebrates great art while also providing a platform that enables creators to monetize their content.

Susan Johnston headshot
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Eric Chebil Aims to Make Homeownership a Reality for Everyone

Who said home ownership is an unattainable goal for the younger generations? One entrepreneur will vigorously argue to the contrary.

Real estate agent handing the house key to a client
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Amadu Bah Has Flipped the Script on How People Get Hired

What does it take to shake up the overcrowded, old-fashioned job search and recruitment market?

Amadu Bah
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