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76 B2B Startups That Are Changing The Game

A mother and a successful businesswoman, Ana Aldea proves you can have it all when there’s a will to succeed and the vision to back it up.

Below are 76 B2B startups that are on the rise. In no particular order, they are...

With $4.3 Million, Archer Chiang Is Transforming Corporate Gifting

Could AI be key to making corporate gifting feel more personal?

Archer Chiang
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Tomas Milar Is Reducing the Burden of Cap Table Management

Could his company help you focus on building yours?

Tomas Milar
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Albert Bou Fadel Is Taking the Headache Out of Time Tracking in Construction

How do you track time on the jobsite efficiently and accurately?

Albert Bou
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Shaji John Is Improving Cybersecurity with VPN and Zero Trust Solutions

Does securing a network always have to be strenuous?

Shaji John
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With $15 Million Raised, Lauren Foundos’ Startup Streams Fitness Classes

Busy? Let the gym to come to you.

Lauren Foundos
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With 300 Million Euros, Patrick Stäuble Is Simplifying Access to Credit for SMEs

Can lending to SMEs benefit from fintech to the extent personal banking has?

Patrick Stäuble
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Javier Ailbirt Expects Revenue of $3.5 Million by Increasing Value Through AI-powered Automation

Can you humanize companies when you give them the tools to automate their repetitive processes?

Javier Ailbirt
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Amir Harandi Is Improving Quality and Supply Chain Management with Innovative ERP Software

Could an all-in-one solution propel businesses' productivity to new heights?

Amir Harandi
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With Over $1 Million, Keith Petri Is Building the Next Big Thing in Email and Digital Identity Management

Is there a way to finally make digital content providers respect consumer consent and communication preferences?

Keith Petri
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Christian Heidemeyer Raised €600,000 to Make Agile Teams Stronger Through Software and Psychology

Healthy and sustainable team development requires eradicating the root causes of any problem.

Christian Heidemeyer
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Stéfano Willig Is Uncomplicating the Day-to-Day Management of Almost 3,000 Small Enterprises

With powerful and user-friendly management software at their disposal, small businesses in Brazil have only one thing to worry about: growth.

Stéfano Willig
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Hamid Darabi’s Language Learning Tech Serves People From 90+ Nationalities

Language is a barrier that can be easily overcome with the right mindset and learning tools.

Hamid Darabi
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Brian Lee Is Creating Branded Experiences Like City-Wide Scavenger Hunts

Offering a customer a unique experience may just be the best way to win them over.

Brian Lee
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Daria Dubinina Creates Entire Banks in Just Days

Where do fintech industry players turn when they need to launch products quickly and cost-effectively?

Daria Dubinina headshot
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Darshita Gillies Allows Firms To Measure The Sustainability of Their Investments

How can organizations embed sustainability into their decision-making—and track it?

Darshita Gillies
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Igor Stjepanovic Aims to Revolutionize Data Collection and Workflows in Field Ops

What if it were easy to have your own real-time field ops command center?

Igor Stjepanovic
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Tina Banerjee Is Aiming to Disrupt the User Testing Field

User testing is about to become much easier and more insightful courtesy of a startup that understands the challenges digital businesses face.

tina banerjee
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Ana Aldea Is Shaking Up B2B Digital Marketing

A mother and a successful businesswoman, Ana Aldea proves you can have it all when there’s a will to succeed and the vision to back it up.

Ana Aldea headshot
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Mercedes Martínez Villar Is Intent on Democratizing Cultural Exchange

An online marketplace conceived in Spain is on a mission to drag the cultural exchange experience kicking and screaming into the new age.

Mercedes Martínez Villar headshot
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Ayelet Noff Channels Her Passion for Great PR to Help Tech Companies Make a Difference

This startup is deeply committed to giving tech companies the chance to share their stories and helping them navigate today’s rapidly changing media landscape.

Ayelet Noff headshot
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Mario Alejandro Rosato Is Working to Mitigate Climate Change by Making the Most of Organic Waste

Could biogas produced through anaerobic digestion of food waste be a sustainable fuel source?

mario alejandro rosato headshot
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Pierce Dargan Wants to Improve Equine Welfare by Putting Old Practices Out to Pasture

What does it take to change mindsets in an industry that has relied on paper for two centuries?

Pierce Dargan with Classic Winning Filly Snow Fairy
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Mohamed Ghaith Is Making the Launch of Online Marketplaces as Easy as Child’s Play

Could this SaaS platform's simple UX give it an edge over its competitors?

Mohamed Ghaith headshot
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Henri Klemmer is Preventing Power Blackouts Through Shocking New Technology

How can power grid operators prevent blackouts and deal with incidents without wasting time and money?

Henri Klemmer
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Péter Szekeres Is Helping Businesses Make Better Decisions Through Advanced Textual Analysis

Vast amounts of textual data can only be of business value when they provide pertinent answers to burning questions.

Peter Szekeres
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David Novák Is Making AI-Based Image Manipulation and Analysis Affordable

With great (image processing) power, comes great responsibility.

David Novák
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Wolfgang Rückerl is Working Hard to Drive Mass Adoption of Blockchain Solutions

Could this startup take the blockpain out of blockchain?

Wolfgang Rückerl
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Power to the (Product) People! Mike Strives is Reshaping How We Collect and Prioritize User Feedback

What happens when product developers and users communicate with ease?

Mike Strives
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Alan Vey Is Making it Easy for Big Business to Build Robust Blockchain Solutions

The Blockchain can’t live up to its promise if enterprises lack the tools to benefit from it.

Alan Vey
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Siebe van Mensfoort Is Making Molecular-Scale Simulations Of Opto-Electronic Processes Budget-Friendly

Developing new advanced materials and devices doesn’t have to break the bank.

Siebe van Mensfoort
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Roberto Alvarez Angulo is Teaching the Spanish-Speaking World All About Cybersecurity

Could education be the key to combating cybercrime?

Roberto Alvarez Angulo
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Amos Bastian Is Helping Brands Find and Engage With Leads on Social Media

How can brands find and fully engage their target audiences in the ever-changing social landscape?

Amos Bastian
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Andriy Obrizan Is Making Life Easy for Those Building Web Apps

How far can a business take its web applications with a reliable software partner by its side?

Andriy Obrizan
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Mark Nilsson Is Giving Emergency Responders the Tools and Skills to Save Lives

Both training and equipment are necessary to be prepared for emergencies.

Mark Nilsson
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Alonzo Romero Lauro Is Driving Energy Efficiency Through AI

Is AI the key to managing and optimizing energy consumption?

Alonzo Romero
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Robert Brüll Aspires to Disrupt the High-Performance Materials Industry

Is a revolution afoot in the field of high-performance yarns?

Robert Brüll
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Ozan Uçar Is Shaping the Future of Email Security

Email security requires tech solutions and robust threat awareness by email users.

Ozan Uçar
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Dario Boras Is Helping Businesses Manage Their Parking Spots from an App

Can the combination of physical barriers and innovative software help organizations regain control of their parking spaces?

Dario Boras
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João Melo Is Making Hydroponic Environments Smarter

Here’s a tech solution that meets the needs of urban farmers and professional growers alike.

João Melo
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Ray Meadham Is Changing Content Creation and Consumption with Immersive Multicam Experiences

What happens when fans become directors?

Ray Meadham
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Irina Georgieva Built a Platform for Small Businesses to Connect and Collaborate

By working together, can startups benefit from extra business opportunities?

Irina Georgieva
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Alan Adojaan Is Building Robotic Bartenders

Spirits with a side of sci-fi? What's not to love?

Alan Adojaan
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Rahmon Ojukotola Is Betting on Data Analysis to Reduce Energy Bills and Carbon Emissions

Who wouldn’t want to take control of their energy bills?!

Rahmon Ojukotola
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Christof Haslauer Is Making Event-Viewing Far More Immersive on Mobile

Could personalized viewing experiences be the most powerful weapon in the battle for viewers’ attention?

Christof Haslauer
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Fatima Awan Is Leveraging AI to Match People with the Perfect Skincare Product

Could deep learning software enhance customer experiences while boosting retailers' profits?

Fatima Awan
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James Kim Is Bringing Supply Chain Visibility to Maritime Commerce

Could digital tools help cut through the red tape of the shipping industry?

James Kim
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Jakob Ashtar Is Transforming Communication Applications with Advanced DSP Algorithms

The signal processing specialist explains how he grew a startup into a successful software business.

jakob ashtar headshot
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Sadi Vural Is Pushing Back Frontiers in Facial Recognition Technology

A Japan-based company is working to revolutionize facial recognition worldwide.

Sadi Vural headshot
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Florence Leong Aims to Expand Access to Healthy Food Through High-Quality Plant Extracts

A startup in Singapore is working to make functional food available to all and reduce food waste in the process.

florence leong headshot
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Nicolas Rahmé Is Working Tirelessly to Solve Supply Chain Issues

Can technology and an innovative business model help one startup disrupt the freight forwarding industry?

Nicolas Rahmé headshot
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This Startup Is Leveraging Big Data to Improve Healthcare Delivery

How can the healthcare industry truly capitalize on the digital revolution and the data boom?

David Chen headshot
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Abeer Raza Accelerates Businesses Via Tech

What does it take to create exceptional digital experiences?

Abeer Raza
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Maximiliano Casal Is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management for Latin American Companies

How are digital tools transforming import/export logistics for companies in emerging markets?

Maximiliano Casal
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Niklas Vesely Is on a Mission to Sell (and Sell the World on) Lab-Grown Meat

Is it possible to enjoy meat without the gargantuan animal farming industry?

Niklas Vesely
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Chad Otar Is Making Access to Funding Simple for Small Businesses

What does a small company do when it needs money quickly but traditional lenders show it the door for whatever reason?

Chad Otar
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Tahem Verma Is Building the Financial Stack for Web3 Teams

How can DAOs and Web3 startups scale their financial operations in a cost-effective way?

Tahem Verma
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Naum Berestetsky and Emil Shaked Are Making the Management of Crucial Paper Documents Far More Secure

Paper-based documents aren’t going anywhere, but how can their authenticity be guaranteed in the age of digital-first fixation?

Naum Berestetsky and Emil Shaked
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Is Asaf Naim Building the Twilio of Decentralized Apps?

This smart transaction development platform is reducing dev costs and improving time to market.

Asaf Naim
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Amin Memon Is Serving an All-You-Can-Eat Graphic Design Buffet

Can the subscription model work in the graphic design space?

Amin Memon
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Sam Kynman-Cole Is Making it Possible for People to Explore Inside Your Business Like a Video Game

It's like if Google Street View was indoors and way more interactive.

Sam Kynman-Cole
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Deanna Visperas Walks The Walk: She Leverages Virtual Assistants To Run Her Virtual Assistant Business While Traveling the World

What's better than a founder who personally relies on her own service?

Deanna Visperas
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Alex Borisov Is Laying the Foundations of Next-Gen Startups

Long-term strategic partners are essential for founders to realize and scale their ideas.

Alex Borisov
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Elyse Petersen Is Promoting Transparency in the Global Tea Trade

Supply chain transparency should be everyone’s cup of tea.

Elyse Petersen
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Jane Peh Is Making it Easy for Pet Brands to Turn Their Customers into Marketing Departments

Pets are adorable, but how can their cuteness translate into marketing success?

Jane Peh
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Mario Bustamante Is Using AI and Drones to Maximize Farming Profits

Big data and artificial intelligence are ushering in a new age for agriculture.

Mario Bustamante
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Hariharan Ganesh Is Paving the Way for the Industrial Internet of Things

This company's software is helping industries take their physical processes into the digital world.

Hariharan Ganesh
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Marcus Rader Is Giving Vacation Rental Property Managers the Tech Tools to Thrive

Is automation the answer vacation rental businesses have been looking for?

Marcus Rader
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Gaurav Saini Is Streamlining Front Desks with an Innovative Visitor Management System

Can visitor registration tech improve productivity and safety?

Gaurav Saini
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Jorge Iriso and Aimee Cole Are Minimizing Employee Turnover

When employees speak up and employers listen, everything works as it should.

Jorge Iriso and Aimee Cole
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Sherry Khan Is Telling Corporate Stories with Sleek Animated Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a brand can say a lot with a video.

Sherry Khan
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With Nearly $1,000,000 In Funding, Robert Kowalski Is Transforming the Recruitment Process

Can AI help organizations recruit faster, fairer, and better?

Robert Kowalski
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Omer Molad’s Tech Predicts Job Performance Before Hiring

Savvy employers know that skills trump background, and now they have the tool to identify top performers.

Omer Molad
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Jeshua Soh Is Giving Myanmar’s Best and Brightest the Chance to Thrive in Remote Jobs

Talent should not be constrained by national borders.

Jeshua Soh
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Neerav Parekh Wants to Make Businesses’ Massive Amounts of Data Easy To Understand

What good is a treasure trove of data if decision-makers struggle to interpret it?

Neerav Parekh
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Eugene Mintsevich Aims to Build the Ultimate User Verification Protocol for Web 3.0

While the decentralized web thrives on anonymity, someone has to watch out for those who abuse the privilege.

Eugene Mintsevich
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Jeff Golfman Is Saving Businesses Money and Time with AI-Powered Office Supply Programs

Procuring office supplies doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore.

Jeff Golfman
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