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75 European Startups That Are Changing The Game

Could better and faster ECG interpretation really be a reality?

Below are 75 European startups that are on the rise. In no particular order, they are...

With 4 Million Euros, Matthieu Burnand Is Building a Self-Storage Business for the Digital Age

What does a self-storage service for the 21st century look like?

Matthieu Burnand
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With 3 Million Euros, Hugo Garcia-Cotte Is Making It Easier to Identify Counterfeit Products

Could checking a product's authenticity be as simple as taking a photo?

Hugo Garcia-Cotte
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Frederick Besson Is Leveraging Tech to Identify Your Ideal Perfume

Not sure what perfume to buy next? No worries, AI can help with that, too.

Frederick Besson
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Michal Simon Is Giving Developers Tools to Fight Technical Debt

Someone has to build for the builders, right?

Michal Simon
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Patrick Sieber Is Using AI to Validate Business Ideas In Seconds

Is AI ready to compete with humans in evaluating enterpreneurs' plans?

Patrick Sieber
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Guillermo Campoamor Is Making Transportation in Cities Far More Efficient

Few things are as important to city dwellers as getting around fast.

Guillermo Campoamor
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Carla and Dario Ferreri Have Made Carpooling for Packages a Reality

Is it possible to revolutionize something as mundane as package delivery?

Carla Ferreri
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Chris Stack Is Building Innovative Energy Storage Devices

Solar is great, but how do you store all that energy for later?

Chris Stack
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Oleksandr Golovatyi Is Gamifying Brain Training

Are you ready to fulfill your intellectual potential?

Oleksandr Golovatyi
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Kristof Nagy Is Putting AI to Work to Benefit Livestock Farmers

Will AI take animal farming to the next level and ensure the sustainability of this industry?

Kristof Nagy
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Edward Williamson-Smit Has $300,000 to Tell Impactful Stories via Film

This small studio is doing big things.

Edward Williamson-Smit
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Christian Heidemeyer Raised €600,000 to Make Agile Teams Stronger Through Software and Psychology

Healthy and sustainable team development requires eradicating the root causes of any problem.

Christian Heidemeyer
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Fabrizio Chiara Has Invested €100,000 in Putting Sustainability at the Core of OOH Advertising

What do outdoor advertising and solar panels have in common?

Fabrizio Chiara on the right
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Hans Slijp’s Cineecg Technology Classifies 25% More Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome

Could better and faster ECG interpretation really be a reality?

Hans Slijp
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Daria Dubinina Creates Entire Banks in Just Days

Where do fintech industry players turn when they need to launch products quickly and cost-effectively?

Daria Dubinina headshot
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Darshita Gillies Allows Firms To Measure The Sustainability of Their Investments

How can organizations embed sustainability into their decision-making—and track it?

Darshita Gillies
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Natallia Chykina Is Helping Fund Managers Save Time and Money Through Automation

Her tech simplifies an industry in dire need of it.

Natallia Chykina
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Karolina Decker Aims To Give Women Financial Knowledge and Independence

Financial education is the key to economic equality.

Karolina Decker
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Kevin McCarthy Is Using AI to Create Custom Study Materials

Is personalized education the key to nurturing a passion for learning?

Kevin McCarthy
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Christof Straub Is Revolutionizing the Music Industry with NFTs

Could blockchain technology be the key to putting artists and fans in the driving seat?

Christof Straub, founder and CEO of Global Rockstar
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Tina Banerjee Is Aiming to Disrupt the User Testing Field

User testing is about to become much easier and more insightful courtesy of a startup that understands the challenges digital businesses face.

tina banerjee
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Ana Aldea Is Shaking Up B2B Digital Marketing

A mother and a successful businesswoman, Ana Aldea proves you can have it all when there’s a will to succeed and the vision to back it up.

Ana Aldea headshot
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Mercedes Martínez Villar Is Intent on Democratizing Cultural Exchange

An online marketplace conceived in Spain is on a mission to drag the cultural exchange experience kicking and screaming into the new age.

Mercedes Martínez Villar headshot
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Rebecca Bennett Aims to Make Personal Care Products More Sustainable

This company is determined to change minds and hearts so that sustainable personal care products become consumers’ first choice.

rebecca bennett behind a wodden gate
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Ayelet Noff Channels Her Passion for Great PR to Help Tech Companies Make a Difference

This startup is deeply committed to giving tech companies the chance to share their stories and helping them navigate today’s rapidly changing media landscape.

Ayelet Noff headshot
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Mario Alejandro Rosato Is Working to Mitigate Climate Change by Making the Most of Organic Waste

Could biogas produced through anaerobic digestion of food waste be a sustainable fuel source?

mario alejandro rosato headshot
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Ed Johnson Aims to Make it Possible for Everyone to Find a Mentor

How can technology help people find mentors efficiently?

ed johnson headshot
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Pierce Dargan Wants to Improve Equine Welfare by Putting Old Practices Out to Pasture

What does it take to change mindsets in an industry that has relied on paper for two centuries?

Pierce Dargan with Classic Winning Filly Snow Fairy
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Mohamed Ghaith Is Making the Launch of Online Marketplaces as Easy as Child’s Play

Could this SaaS platform's simple UX give it an edge over its competitors?

Mohamed Ghaith headshot
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Matthias Hunn Is Bringing Transparency to Swiss Banking

How does one help ensure great outcomes for private banking clients and providers in a market short on transparency?

Matthias Hunn
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Henri Klemmer is Preventing Power Blackouts Through Shocking New Technology

How can power grid operators prevent blackouts and deal with incidents without wasting time and money?

Henri Klemmer
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John Natalizia Is Helping People Beat Their Budget Challenges

With the cost of living creeping up every day, how can people stay on top of their finances?

John Natalizia
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Péter Szekeres Is Helping Businesses Make Better Decisions Through Advanced Textual Analysis

Vast amounts of textual data can only be of business value when they provide pertinent answers to burning questions.

Peter Szekeres
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David Novák Is Making AI-Based Image Manipulation and Analysis Affordable

With great (image processing) power, comes great responsibility.

David Novák
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Want To Know About German-Language Startups? Joe Menninger Is Your Guy

Covering Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, his work has been connecting startups and investors for years.

Joe Menninger
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Sergei Azbarov Is Renovating the Home Renovation Process

His company's tech is putting people in control of their home renovation projects so they can avoid costly mistakes.

Sergei Azbarov
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Wolfgang Rückerl is Working Hard to Drive Mass Adoption of Blockchain Solutions

Could this startup take the blockpain out of blockchain?

Wolfgang Rückerl
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Power to the (Product) People! Mike Strives is Reshaping How We Collect and Prioritize User Feedback

What happens when product developers and users communicate with ease?

Mike Strives
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Stefanie Palomino’s New Take On Remote Meetings Might Be What We’re All Missing

Can beautiful 3D environments be enough to beat Zoom?

Stefanie Palomino
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Deirdre McGettrick Is Building the Ultimate Search Engine for Furniture

How many websites must a person trawl before they can find their dream furniture?

Deirdre McGettrick
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Alan Vey Is Making it Easy for Big Business to Build Robust Blockchain Solutions

The Blockchain can’t live up to its promise if enterprises lack the tools to benefit from it.

Alan Vey
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Mark Brouwers’ App Creatively Helps Answer The Question “What Will We Do Tonight?”

Those who share fun events get tokens they can spend at venues.

Mark Brouwers
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Sergio Studer Is Disrupting the Car Consumption Model

What if your lease included nearly everything you need to drive?

Sergio Studer
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Fabienne Fourquet Is Giving Spanish-Speaking Content Creators the Tools to Thrive

There is a massive Spanish-speaking young audience out there waiting for brands and content creators to reach it.

Fabienne Fourquet
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Siebe van Mensfoort Is Making Molecular-Scale Simulations Of Opto-Electronic Processes Budget-Friendly

Developing new advanced materials and devices doesn’t have to break the bank.

Siebe van Mensfoort
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Roberto Alvarez Angulo is Teaching the Spanish-Speaking World All About Cybersecurity

Could education be the key to combating cybercrime?

Roberto Alvarez Angulo
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Amos Bastian Is Helping Brands Find and Engage With Leads on Social Media

How can brands find and fully engage their target audiences in the ever-changing social landscape?

Amos Bastian
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Andriy Obrizan Is Making Life Easy for Those Building Web Apps

How far can a business take its web applications with a reliable software partner by its side?

Andriy Obrizan
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Vita Valka Is Helping Explorers Create Unforgettable Memories of the Great Outdoors

How can campers and digital nomads find off the beaten track gems with as little effort as possible?

Vita Valka
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Vlad Centea Has Built a SaaS-Based Gamification Model that’s Customizable for Enterprises

Can tokens and game mechanics keep employees and customers involved?

Vlad Centea
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Mark Nilsson Is Giving Emergency Responders the Tools and Skills to Save Lives

Both training and equipment are necessary to be prepared for emergencies.

Mark Nilsson
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Alonzo Romero Lauro Is Driving Energy Efficiency Through AI

Is AI the key to managing and optimizing energy consumption?

Alonzo Romero
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Robert Brüll Aspires to Disrupt the High-Performance Materials Industry

Is a revolution afoot in the field of high-performance yarns?

Robert Brüll
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Jan Doležal Is Giving Travel Guides a 21st-Century Makeover

Digital travel guides are changing the game for travel enthusiasts and tourist organizations.

Jan Doležal
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Katja Kaine’s Software Is Helping People Write Better Novels

This software takes care of organization, so authors can focus on writing.

Katja Kaine
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Nina Kiwit and Manuel Kraus Are Helping People Stave Off Cognitive Decline

Who says keeping your brain healthy can’t be fun?

Nina Kiwit and Manuel Kraus
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Francesco Magro Ensures Italians Are Never Without Their Favorite Drink at Home

No cold beer at home? Dying for a glass of red wine? Need champagne to celebrate? Just give it 30 minutes!

Francesco Magro
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Ozan Uçar Is Shaping the Future of Email Security

Email security requires tech solutions and robust threat awareness by email users.

Ozan Uçar
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Alan Kashkash Is Making Language Schools Far More Efficient Through AI

What if language schools could generate course content far faster through tech?

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Dario Boras Is Helping Businesses Manage Their Parking Spots from an App

Can the combination of physical barriers and innovative software help organizations regain control of their parking spaces?

Dario Boras
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João Melo Is Making Hydroponic Environments Smarter

Here’s a tech solution that meets the needs of urban farmers and professional growers alike.

João Melo
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Ray Meadham Is Changing Content Creation and Consumption with Immersive Multicam Experiences

What happens when fans become directors?

Ray Meadham
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Gabriele Musella Aims to Democratize Crypto Trading with Specialized Bots

Can crypto trading ever become simple?

Gabriele Musella headshot
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Irina Georgieva Built a Platform for Small Businesses to Connect and Collaborate

By working together, can startups benefit from extra business opportunities?

Irina Georgieva
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Daniel Sand Is Building the Airbnb of Professional Film Equipment

No filmmaker or photographer should have to miss out on a great project just because they lack the right gear.

Daniel Sand
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Alan Adojaan Is Building Robotic Bartenders

Spirits with a side of sci-fi? What's not to love?

Alan Adojaan
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Albert Icart Is Making It Possible for All Dogs to Enjoy Healthy Food

Preparing healthy dog food now takes mere minutes.

Albert Icart
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Rahmon Ojukotola Is Betting on Data Analysis to Reduce Energy Bills and Carbon Emissions

Who wouldn’t want to take control of their energy bills?!

Rahmon Ojukotola
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Christof Haslauer Is Making Event-Viewing Far More Immersive on Mobile

Could personalized viewing experiences be the most powerful weapon in the battle for viewers’ attention?

Christof Haslauer
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Hüseyin Tamer Wants to Help People Roll Back Time with a Face Yoga App

A holistic approach to self-care can’t fail to include attention to facial health.

Hüseyin Tamer
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Jan Luca Sandmann Is Bringing Generative AI to Document Creation

The days of slaving over a report seem to be coming to an end.

Jan Luca Sandmann
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Luigi Goulianos Is Helping Greek Consumers Find Products and Services Online

This platform could save businesses and their customers valuable time and money.

Luigi Goulianos
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Julia Nesterets Is Bringing Enormous Power and Lightning Speed to SEO Analytics

Can it really be that simple to grow organic traffic?

Julia Nesterets
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Ayoub Essabir Built Uber for Photography, and It’s Going Really, Really Well

The platform has already conquered Paris and is growing 3X per year—how far can it go?

Ayoub Essabir
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Yann Gaston Mathé Has 15.5 Million Euros to Pour into AI Solutions to Accelerate Drug Discovery

How can AI help us in the battle against serious diseases?

Yann Gaston Mathé
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Hugo Garcia-Cotte

5 French Startups That Are Changing The Game

Edward Williamson-Smit

Edward Williamson-Smit Has $300,000 to Tell Impactful Stories via Film